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Choosing Your Betta Fish Tank

Bettas are famous for being able to live in a relatively small aquarium. This special feature is said to derive from their natural habitat in the Far East being shallow pools of water and small streams. Being territorial fish, they tend to stick to their little turf and not swim too far away.

In fact, Betta fish are the only aquarium fish that can be kept in a bowl. Do remember, however, that Betta fish require some moving space and you should supply your fish with a decent size tank. Even if you use a fish bowl, make sure it contains at least two gallons of water per fish. A larger tank is better, as it allows your betta more room to swim around and lets you enjoy a better display of its impressive tail and fins.

Betta need access to the top of the water, as they are able to absorb some amount of oxygen from the water surface. They also require a stable warm water temperature, which usually means you need some sort of heater. Some form of filtering and aeration is also recommended, so all in all, creating good living condition for your betta fish means you need a decent size aquarium. If you use a fish bowl, it needs to be a large one.

Decorative tanks abound so you can choose a good tank that will match your home decor too. As long as you keep the fish's needs in mind. Here are a few options you can order directly from Amazon. Simply click on any of these images to get to the product page -

Tetra 29095 Cube Aquarium Kit, 3-Gallon

Can Betta Fish live in a Vase?

Some shops sell betta fish kept in decorative vases with a water plant (usually a lily) at the top of the vase. Contrary to what the sales person might tell you, this is not a good setting for the fish. This environment is too crowded, not ventilated enough and does not have proper temperature control. The fish often can't reach the surface of the water, as betta fish need to do occasionally. Betta fish do not feed on the roots of the plant (though they might gnaw at it when lacking any other source of food).

To sum it up, a vase is no place for a pet fish. Your betta fish deserves better.