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Welcome Betta Fish Lovers!

This website is intended for the beginner betta fish owner. We aim at covering the basics of proper betta fish care that will allow your betta fish the best conditions in which to thrive.

Betta fish are animals and not home decor items. They are sentient beings and need to be treated with compassion. Unlike what some sales persons might tell you, they need a good habitat, regular feeding and generally good care to survive and thrive. Betta fish are living, breathing beings and deserve good care, so please read through these pages to learn how to properly care for your Betta fish. To learn more, we recommend buying a book about betta fish before you purchase your first betta.

Here are some recommendations. Click on the links to get to Amazon and order your betta guide today!

The Betta Bible: The Art and Science of Keeping Bettas

Bettas (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)

Aquarium Care of Bettas (Animal Planet´┐Ż Pet Care Library)